Introducing HPC Solution RNTier.

RNTier HPC is a high-performance computing cloud solution that provides a leading-edge HPC service environment with advanced technology.

RNTier HPC is an optimized solution for simulation-oriented HPC, providing functions for automation of simulation tasks, submission and management of simulation jobs, management of simulation software and licenses, and management of high-performance computing hardware resources. In addition, it also offers web-based user convenience features to effectively address the difficulties and problems of using HPC.

HPC Cloud Solution
HPC Cloud Solution
Equipped with software submission form

We provide various S/W-specific job submission form templates, enabling users to submit analysis jobs through the web without requiring development knowledge.

Post-processing integration function

When the analysis job is completed, the integration function is provided to immediately execute post-processing such as 'terminal', 'web folder (result data management)', 'post-processing (visualization)', 'job resubmission'.

High-performance parallel computing, large-scale distributed tasks

Using an HPC cluster optimized for R&D software performance, we reduce the calculation time of large-scale analysis tasks and maximize the processing capacity of tasks.

Analysis job DB conversion

All detailed information of past performed analysis tasks is stored and managed in the database, maximizing the efficiency of utilizing integrated research data through searching, accessing, collaborating, and reusing existing research work information/data.

Single/Multiple/Dependent jobs

You can submit multiple analysis jobs individually or in batches by selecting an analysis model using a single/multiple/dependent job submission function optimized for the simulation performance of each analysis software.

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