Introducing HPC Solution RNTier.

RNTier AI is an AI learning-dedicated HPC cloud solution that provides a multi-GPU container-based AI learning environment.

RNTier AI provides customers with a pre-implemented deep learning development environment, with optimally designed H/W, S/W, development tools, and GPU schedulers, allowing users to conveniently utilize the best deep learning environment.

HPC Cloud Solution
Deep Learning Solution
Simple container creation

User-friendly web-based container environment allows users to select and create desired development environment with just a few clicks, even without any development knowledge.

Automatic resource reclamation

If a container remains unused for a certain period, the allocated computing resources are automatically converted to idle resources that can be used by anyone. This allows for efficient management without wasting expensive resources.

Flexible computing resource settings

Flexible computing resource configuration with RERUN function

Immediate software installation and utilization

Essential software is provided as an image in the container, so users can use it immediately by clicking on the software image without manually installing it in the container.

Container image sharing

Users can export their created containers as a single image and register it as a public image to share within their organization.

GPU resource allocation and management

Divide a single GPU resource into up to 7 independent instances to adjust the allocation amount per container, and add GPU resources through parallel container configuration when there is a shortage of resources.

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