Introducing HPC Solution RNTier.

RNTier BigData is a HPC cloud solution for building and managing big data platforms based on Hadoop ECO software for big data processing.

RNTier BigData solution sets up and monitors Hadoop clusters, and integrates and manages various tools for data processing and analysis.

HPC Cloud Solution
Big Data Solution
System operation support

Enables vendor-agnostic big data platform construction through pure open source Hadoop deployment, with a robust response system tailored to customer needs, resulting in a perfect system.

Advanced pre-processing and real-time processing system

Realizes data processing without bottlenecks, from integrated data collection to processing, storage, analysis, utilization, and visualization.

Web-based integrated big data analysis environment

Provides a web interface for visualizing and analyzing data, and enhances user convenience by providing various necessary tools and libraries via a web-based platform.

Provisioning monitoring platform management function

Offers automatic provisioning and configuration of Hadoop clusters, and monitors their performance, availability, and stability, providing alerts to aid in fault response.

Cost efficiency with open source

RNTire BDP is more cost-effective than existing commercial data processing solutions. Since it is based on open source, there are no license costs, and it can perform large-scale data processing without being constrained by hardware.

Availability guarantee through distributed storage

RNTire BigData distributes data storage to enable data to be read from other nodes in case of errors in a single node, ensuring high availability.

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